Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day.

Christmas LEGO village. // Alice destroying that LEGO village. // Big girl by the tree.

Another major upside of no longer living in Boston is the significantly less travel time it takes for us to get from Salt Lake City to my in-laws house in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Because Lee didn't come with us on our trip here over the summer, he hadn't seen his parents and family since last March, just a few weeks before Alice's first birthday.  And with Alice's second birthday rapidly approaching and her ability to fly free coming to an end, we decided to fly rather than drive as we had previously planned.

So we flew here just in time for Boxing Day!

Let me start by saying that I had a wonderful time at Boxing Day.  But it really did just feel like an extension of Christmas with a tree and presents and even Santa paying a visit.  So I may not have figured out what that holiday is meant to celebrate but if family and drinks and good food are involved, sign me up.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Run! Flats. 3.6 miles/27:37. Tuesday - CrossFit! We ended up doing The 12 Day of Christmas WOD instead (23:15 time; 65 lbs for cleans, sumo DL + high-pull, DL; 14 lb wall ball; 1 ab-mat for HSPU; 20 inch box, K2E). Wednesday & Thursday - Rest + travel days. Friday - Run! 4 miles/34 minutes. Damn, it's cold here.


  1. I love that lego village! I've secretly always loved Christmas villages but Nick hates excess Christmas crap so maybe a LEGO Christmas village would be a happy compromise, seeing as he loves lego?!

    Without a religious component (which it doesn't have for us), I think for us, Christmas is about ritual & cultural tradition. Coming together to celebrate life & love. The food, drink & good company being the key to the tradition. And I love choosing gifts for people, so our Chirstmas will always have a gift component :)

  2. Such cute pictures of Alice, the village, and the tree. I'm so glad that all three of you get to visit your Canadian family. Take lots of pictures. Have tons of fun. We miss you already. xoxo

  3. These photos are gorgeous!

    Glad you're all able to enjoy time with family! I used to think my friend who flew her baby to Europe was nuts [Why bother if they won't remember it?] Now it would seem a shame to not take advantage of the fly-for-free rule so long as you can!


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