Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's next?!

Celebratory High West whiskey! On the rocks.

October 1st, 2013. It is officially the first day of our next chapter.

I'll be perfectly honest: We have no idea what that next chapter is at this point. But in that uncertainty is where the beauty lies. We really could do anything! We've talked about month-long road trips, different business ideas, and book-writing (not me). We've even thought about recording it all and making this experience into a documentary.

There is fear in this whole situation though, too. We are by no means destitute but there is a certain sense of security that comes with a paycheck coming in each month. And all of a sudden that security is completely gone.

Since we knew this day was coming, I've had time to prepare myself for thinking more carefully about how I spend money. More meals at home. Less trips to the coffee shop for lattes. No new clothes when I have a closetful already! Suddenly all of those things are much less interesting when the alternative is more money in the bank.

Of course we aren't going to become complete tight-wads but we are planning to learn how to live on less without feeling like we're missing out. I still plan to do CrossFit. Lee will still play golf and go snowboarding. And we both plan to do all of this while avoiding eating from the dollar menu at the fast food place down the street.

So hopefully you'll stick around for inexpensive and healthy meal ideas, beauty products that don't cost a fortune and ways to save on kids' clothing. Oh, and to see what we decide to do with the rest of our lives.

Because at this point, your guess is as good as ours.

There they go! Sept 30th, 2013.


  1. Oh wow, how exciting! You've got the time to do anything. We had a year where we didn't work, used savings & travelled overseas. It was fantastic. But yes, the uncertainty did get to me a little bit, especially since we had in the back of our minds that we were going to get jobs. We didn't end up working and in the end wished that we had just taken a year off from the get go. Saved the worry.

    My cheap snowboarding tip is to buy your season pass as early as possible, bring your own food to the mountain & a thermos of hot coffee, that way you don't have to spend any money on food.

  2. I think this will be a great adventure for you and your little family. It may sound like you are depriving yourselves of things, but it is just 'stuff and things'. Downsizing is ok. Keeping a log on what and how you are spending your money, is helpful, to see where it all is going. And change it up if need be.

    As Alli said, bringing your own lunch to the resorts is a great way to save $$$. I did that with you kids, when we would go skiing. I'd let you get a hot chocolate or other treat, but lunch was prepacked and carried in my back pack. Saved us a lot. xoxo


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