Monday, September 23, 2013


18-months! And the size of a 3-year old already.

Last week I was having doubts that our plan for small space living wasn't going to work. With a half dozen or so remaining boxes and very little storage space left and still no walls, I wondered if we should just give up this dream of living in our loft and buy a home with more space out in the 'burbs.

Part of what put me on this doubt-filled path was stupid Facebook. Up until last week I'd been almost entirely off of Facebook for a few months. I just decided that scrolling through other peoples' lives (or perceived lives) wasn't bringing anything to my own. So I stopped the daily checking and found that I didn't miss it at all.

And then for some reason last week, I started scrolling again.

I imagine I'm not alone here but seeing what other people are doing and how other people are living often makes me compare and then question how we've decided to live. Big houses. New cars. Newborns!! Facebook just throws it all in your face with a big, fat #youaremissingout.

Anyway. The good news is, I read this article Friday night about home sizes in different countries and square-footage per person that put me back on the path of being excited about small-space living. And I'm off the daily scrolling once again.

On Friday we met with our interior designer and solidified a few more details for our loft remodel. We chose a paint color for our bedroom and part of the kitchen (bye-bye, blue). We narrowed down to just a few wallpaper patterns for a serious wow-factor for our entryway. And we are getting closer to a start date for construction of our bedroom walls, which is a good thing as the sheet-and-cardboard wall we've created between Alice's crib and our bed obviously isn't an ideal long-term solution.

When this whole project is finished, I'm sure I'll look back and laugh (or shudder!) at the fort-like living and the months of rooming in we did with our then18-month old daughter.

I'm telling you, there's material for a sitcom in this situation somewhere.

Park with a view.

Weekend workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Although Alice and I walked at least 3 miles around the city. Sunday - Road bike! Downtown to Little Mtn and back. 26.8 miles/2,074 feet elevation gain.


  1. I can tell you honestly that I am envious of people living in smaller spaces. We did it when we lived in DC, and when we moved to St. Louis, we got space-greedy and bought this big old house with too many rooms. Even with three kids, we don't use two of the rooms, and I have THREE bathrooms to clean, which in my opinion is unnecessary. We try to live simply, not buy what we don't need, but it's all too easy to get sucked into believing you have to fill the space.

    I think you have made an incredibly wise decision.

  2. Gosh, Facebook is such a time sucker! I get so annoyed with the 'my hubby is so great he did x' posts & the 'my kids are so fantastic because...'. It's never the whole story and you're right, it really is better to just stay off it. Lulu deleted the facebook app from my phone a few weeks ago & I have been resisting putting it back on. So far so good.

    The living small decision is the right one, am sure you'll love it once the walls are up.

  3. Living here has made me really revaluation needs vs wants and I no longer want a huge kitchen or whatever. Ditto on FB I tried to break up w it, but many of my friends stay in touch that way..


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