Monday, August 12, 2013


Picking dinner from the garden. // Hugging carrots.

There must be something about the fresh air out here in rural Alberta that is all of a sudden making Alice an adventurous eater.  My kid, who usually turns her nose up at most new foods I put on her plate, has been trying and then gobbling up all sorts of things.  Earlier in the week we had a late lunch with family and as we were sitting out in their yard, one of Lee's uncles picked a pea from the garden and opened it for Alice to try.

And I told him, "Good luck, man."

You know what?  She picked that pea out of the pod and popped it in her mouth.  Certain that the pea would come right back out, I waited for the inevitable yuck face and fingers grabbing frantically for its removal.

Nope.  She ate it.  And then went back for another.

That was just the beginning of Alice's new found desire to try new things.  It's like trying and then liking that pea was proof that I'm not trying to poison her every time I put something new on her plate.  Since then, she's eaten raw carrots, spaghetti with tomato sauce, potatoes dipped in ketchup (of course), hamburger, swiss chard, peaches, and raspberries (and they were sooooo tart!).

And then while I was at CrossFit yesterday, her grandparents gave her a taste of Cheez Whiz.  Of course she loved it!

But at least it was on a piece of homemade bread, right?

Do you find a change of scenery makes for kids that eat better?  Totally.  And also letting Alice use a fork with her meal has made her way more interested in trying new foods.  She needs a little help getting the food onto her fork but, once it's there, she will most likely stick it in her mouth.  Even a sliced raw carrot!!  it was dipped in a homemade salad dressing, but still... SHE ATE IT!

Garden peas! // Picking my breakfast. // Swiss chard + eggs + onion + coffee. // Freshly picked & homemade raspberry pie. // From scratch cinnamon buns. // Happy at breakfast!

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - CrossFit Edmonton! 3 rounds of the following: 400 meter sled drag run (60lbs) + 3 rope climbs, then 4 rounds of the following: 5 tractor tire flips (this one was easily double the weight of that truck tire I flipped) + Upside-down kettle bell carry (25lbs). Sunday - CrossFit Edmonton!  9 sets of 3 close-grip chest press (75lbs), then 4 sets of 8 seated dumbbell press (40lbs) + 8 rear deltoid flys (20lbs), then 4 sets of 10 banded push-ups (red band, on my knees for a few!) + 10 med ball power drops from 20 inch height (12lbs).  


  1. That's fantastic that Alice is trying new foods & liking them. Lulu's been a big eater from the beginning there's nothing she wont try, however there are a few foods that do get the screwed up face followed by the spit out. I think that's just part of being a kid.

  2. All of that beautiful produce! I love the hugging carrots. But sorry... the cinnamon rolls are what really caught my eye. They look soooooo good! Now I'm really hungry!


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