Friday, August 9, 2013

Edmonton Folk Fest.

After a late night out and an early morning with a very energetic Alice, I'm having a hard time stringing together a coherent sentence so please enjoy a picture-filled post of our outing yesterday to the Edmonton Folk Festival.
  1. Since the venue is open-seating, we arrived a little early to find a decent spot to put our tarp.  And we happened to score a space amazingly close and just to the right of the main stage. 
  2. The crowd spread all the way to the top of the hill.  And some beautiful clouds.
  3. My dinner!  And since the Folk Fest is a zero waste event, you pay a $2 plate deposit and then you get a toonie back if you return your plate.  As you can imagine, there are kids running around asking if they can return your plate for you.  Little capitalists in the making!
  4. The opening act, Delhi 2 Dublin.  We all agreed they were the best performers of the night.
  5. My nieces enjoying the show.
  6. And the headlining show, Feist!  She was amazing but after five hours, dropping temperatures, and kids (and moms!) ready for bed, we left halfway through her show.  
Happy weekend!  What are your plans?  If the weather cooperates and it warms up a bit, we'll go to the splash park later today.  And hopefully we'll head to the Legion tomorrow for some daytime beer drinking and to participate in the meat draw!  My trip to Canada just isn't complete unless I win some meat.

P.S.  Look!  I'm famous.  A picture of me on CrossFit Edmonton for today's WOD.

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