Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hi Grama.

Hi Grama,

By the time you read this, Mom and I will probably be up in the air on our way back to Boston.  I miss you already!  Ten days just isn't enough time for me to spend with you and Grandpa.  And I'm pretty sure Mom could use some more of that mommy-alone time she's always complaining about not having.  I don't know what she means by that because why wouldn't she want to hang out with me all day, every day?!

Anyway.  I'll miss our morning walks to the corner, our pre-nap time in the swing, and our trips to the garden to pick veggies for supper.  I know you are so proud of me for helping pick potatoes and carrots and onions and peas, even if I picked ones that weren't quite ready yet.  Next year, I bet you can really put me to work out there in the garden.

Thanks for letting me ransack your house everyday.  Thanks for letting Mom drink all your coffee.  And thanks for giving me cinnamon buns and Cheez Whiz when Mom wasn't looking.  Oh.  And thanks for growing that awesome garden and helping me realize that I actually like (some) vegetables!  I think Mom is still in shock that I ate swiss chard and didn't puke.

I love you, Grama and Grandpa.  Mom says we'll see you before there is snow on the ground but isn't that just like next month, in the middle of September up there?!


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