Friday, August 2, 2013

Flying solo (again).

Our last Brighton Library play group. July 2013.

So today I am flying across the country (and into another!) with Alice.  All by myself!  Yes, I've done this trip once before, but that was way before she was a high-energy and bipedal toddler.  So now I'm just a bit nervous about keeping her occupied and happy all while on my lap as the solo parent for those two 3-hour flights.  

Since I've known Lee, we've often spent the entire month of August vacationing at my in-laws house and, before June 18th of this year, we had planned to do it again as a family of three.  But now that we're moving back to Salt Lake at the end of August, our plan to vacation there for the month before our big move just didn't make sense.

After Lee called his parents to let them know we weren't going to make the trip, I felt terrible about them not getting to spend time with Alice at this fun toddler stage as they haven't seen her since just before her first birthday.  She has changed so much since then!  So I said that I'd happily fly to Canada with her all by myself to spend a few weeks visiting Lee's Canadian family.

And also to get some much-needed mommy alone-time while Alice spends her days playing with Grama Barb, of course.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - CrossFit: 5 sets of 3 split jerk (from the ground) at 95lbs, then 5 rounds of: 5 push press (65lbs) + 3 strict pull-ups (blue + red band) + 1 wall climb; then 30 push-ups (knees). Tuesday - CrossFit: 3 sets of 3 back squats (125lbs), then 2 sets of 1 back squat (155lbs... a new PR!), then 3 sets of 10 hip thrusters (85lbs). Wednesday - CrossFit: Hero WOD... Nate. 17 rounds in 20 minutes of: 3 strict pull-ups (blue + red band) + 4 handstand push-ups (2 ab mats) + 8 kettle bell swings (35lbs). Thusrsday - CrossFit: 5 sets of 2 Turkish get-ups (35lbs), then 30 front squats (75lbs) + 3 shoulder-to-overhead (75lbs) + 600 meter run (7:35 minutes). Friday - After 4 days in a row of CrossFit, today is DEFINITELY a rest day.  Maybe tomorrow, too.

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  1. It was so fun seeing Alice at the play group. She was so excited to try out all of the toys she had 'mastered' months before. When she found a favorite toy, she sat down and just played happily with it.

    When the 'teacher', leader of the group started to sing songs, Alice was so engrossed with them and I know she remembered the words and tunes. She was so happy. I was glad I had a chance to see her interact with the children and adults of your play group. Great memories! xo


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