Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Alice & Dad had a little too much fun with the blue chalk.

Last night Lee had an after-work function so he wasn't home for dinner.  So I put Alice to bed, made something to eat, and then was about to plop down on the couch to unwind in front of the TV when I remembered something.

We canceled our DirectTV earlier that day.

For the first time in my entire life, I am without a TV.  And, I'll be honest.  It feels strange to have it gone, like I've lost an old friend.  But it also feels sort of liberating!  We weren't watching countless hours of it a week but we oftentimes found ourselves slouched on the couch, aimlessly flipping channels for far too long.

It's not that I think TV is inherently bad, I'd just been watching a bit more than I'd like as of late (and not really much of quality, either).  Add in how much we were paying a month for a bunch of channels we rarely watched and it was time to say goodbye.

Of course our TV will come with us to Utah and we will still watch movies and TV shows via our Apple TV.  But it looks like no more Real Housewives... or Bachelor/Bachelorette for me.

Would you get rid of your TV?  Or do you not watch all that much already?  My TV-watching time was usually while Alice napped.  Now what will I do with all that time?  Read.  Clean.  Enjoy a quiet lunch.  And definitely take more naps.


  1. We got rid of our TV over a year ago and have never looked back! We use iTunes/Netflix for movies and shows but no more mindless surfing for hours on end.

  2. We are in a unique situation here, we don't have local cable because obviously it's in German :)

    However, we have a hard drive connected to our TV screen, so we do use Hulu and watch our shows that way.

    It's very purposeful that way, and I like that. No sitting and flipping, we know on Mondays we can watch Mad Men from the night before, and we also watch Modern Family (although the season is over for now, boo) a day after it airs in the states.

    I like having it, as in the evenings, Jason and I like to unwind this way together and watch "our shows", but at the same time, I like that I can't turn it on for background noise, or anything like that.

  3. We are thinking of cancelling our cable service too. I feel like I'm going to die without E!, Bravo & Food Network but other than those few channels and ESPN/NFL network, we pay so much compared to what we really use. We have Netflix but are thinking about adding Hulu too.

  4. Fun picture of Alice. I agree. We watch too much TV at our house. I don't think my husband would give up the TV, he has several favorites that he watches on a regular basis. When you are here in SLC, you can come over and watch some of your favorites, while I watch Ms Alice. I like that plan! xo


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