Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 photo beachgif_zpseaef6d19.gif

After breakfast this morning we drove the short 30 km from Charlottetown to the picture-perfect seaside village of Victoria.  To say Victoria is tiny is a bit of an understatement as if you blink, you'll miss the three-second drive down its Main Street.  Of course the clapboard information house, the only restaurant in town and, oh of course, the public bathrooms are closed on Tuesdays, the day we chose to visit, but we managed to enjoy ourselves despite our hungry stomachs and my full bladder.

Luckily for me and my pea-sized bladder, we were nearing Alice's nap time so we didn't stay long.  But with as small as Victoria-by-the-Sea is, I think we managed to see the highlights in the hour we were there.



  1. What a stunning spot- you just have the most wonderful travels!

  2. Beautiful! I am missing the beach so much!

  3. So beautiful! That includes you three, Not just the scenery. Hope you've had good weather for your vacation.

    I love the picture (video) of Ms Alice walking around on the beach. She is getting so big... I miss you all. xoxo Mom

  4. The gif of Alice walking is just too cute!


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