Friday, May 17, 2013


Currently... feeling much better after my mid-day funk yesterday.  An afternoon run made all those lonely feelings go away.

Currently... loving the new look of Alli's blog Girl in the PJs.  Seeing how amazing her new layout looks makes me realize I may need to bring in the professionals to handle mine.  There is only so much .html coding I can handle!

Currently... looking forward to seeing my husband race in Tough Mudder: Chicago tomorrow!  Although taking a kid halfway across the country for just two nights doesn't sound too fun.

Currently... trying to get into the second 50 Shades... book.  Yep.  I caved and read the first one and liked it!  The second one, though?  Her style of writing is really starting to bug me.

What are you currently doing?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Crossfit: 4 sets of 4 front squats (105lbs), then 24 front squats (65lbs) and 85 rage-ball slams (14lbs). Tuesday - Rest day!  Wednesday - Crossfit: 21 power snatches (45lbs... my elblow is bugging!) + 91 box jumps (20 inches). Thusday - Run! 4.5 miles with hills. Friday - Crossfit: 100 wall balls (10lbs), 100 pull-ups (green band), 100 air squats, 100 one-arm kettle bell snatches (26lbs). I might not be able to walk tomorrow...


  1. I skimmed a lot of the second and third fifty shades because I was bored during parts of it. I kept reading them because I was so intrigued by the story! I liked them overall, but she's definitely not the best writer in my opinion. The third one gets really crazy with lots of twists and turns in the story if you can make it that far.

  2. Beautiful picture, spring is finally here.

    Have fun on your weekend adventure back to Chicago... it won't be like your last visit. Cheers to your husband and his friends. The race sounds like a challenge, but all of you should have a great time. Give us details next week. xo

  3. Thanks for the shout out! What made the decision to get professional help was the time factor. I could learn how to do more coding, but do I really have the time to put into that, with lulu, exercise, working & still having time to do regular blog posts. Plus the designer came up with a far better design than I could ever imagine & she added all sorts of little things, like the pin it button that I never would have thought of. It was worth every penny.

    I've never heard of Tough Mudder so I looked it up, sounds intense, but strangely fun! Good luck! Am sure Alice will love being out in the park watching. Hope all goes well, can't wait to hear about it when you get back, you'll have to post some photos x

  4. Did you know 50 Shades was inspired by the Twilight series? The author loved the story of Edward and Bella and wanted to write a series of novels that included a passionate love story. I think she wrote all three books within a year or two- may explain her writing. I haven't them so I can't insert my opinion here.


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