Thursday, May 16, 2013

Safe Travels.

We just dropped my sister off at the airport and I have that sick feeling of sadness I sometimes get whenever visiting family leaves.  Whenever someone from back home comes to stay with us it reminds me just how lonely I often am here in Boston.  Sure, I have friends.  But I miss those friends and family who just know me so well.  I miss the ease and the comfort and the familiarity that comes with relationships that span decades.        

With Alice napping, Lee at work, and Amanda gone, my apartment is terribly quiet.  Usually I relish the quiet moments around here.  But today, the quiet is overwhelming.

So safe travels, my beautiful little sister.  And we will see you soon.  I promise.  XO.

 photo slide_zps9e75ec8b.gif
Alice showing Tia Amanda her newest trick.


  1. this is so heartbreaking to read as I know the feeling completely...that reminder that you're missing out. But remember how incredible it is that you're doing your own thing in a new place and how special it is when you finally see them

  2. So glad you had a few days to spend with your sister. I'm sure Alice loved every minute with her Auntie.

    I get that down feeling too and get lonely after family and friends leave. I even feel low, when I've spent a lot of time on a big event and when it is over... it's like a "what now". It takes a few days and then all will be well.

    Miss you '3'. xoxo Mom

  3. Sorry another comment... Just wanted to say, I love the pictures of Alice going head first down the slide. Glad Amanda was there to catch her.

  4. aw, you sound like a military wife! one of many reasons we have no plans to visit the states again before we move back next summer, is that I can't deal with saying goodbye again.

    I cried during take off and cried when I returned here. it's so much harder when you have a child, too.


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