Monday, April 1, 2013


It was finally warm enough in Boston over the weekend to crack windows, open doors and let fresh air breeze through our apartment.  Alice loved crawling in and out the patio door to peer through the bars (supervised!) and to torment the cats as they soaked up some sun.  I so love this time of year when winter is safely (?!) in the rear view mirror and spring seems ready to burst.

We added another piece of baby gear to our arsenal this weekend.  Since both Lee and I are avid road bikers we knew it was only a matter of time before we purchased some sort of bike attachment for Alice to join us on rides.  Because we both have carbon-framed road bikes, the handle-bar or behind-the-seat style of seat wasn't an option.  So after some online research and a quick trip to our local bike store we were the proud new owners of a bright blue Burley bike trailer.

And then yesterday, after her morning nap, we drove out of the city to a less congested area to take Alice for her first bike ride.  Let's just say she wasn't the biggest fan of the helmet-wearing part of being a biker chick.  Oh boy.  She screeeeeeamed when we put it on her and even her guy or a pacifier didn't stop the wailing.  So we just started riding!  And she quieted down quickly as she watched her daddy pedal the back roads of Medfield and Dover.   

Weekend workouts:  Saturday - Crossfit = sprints + fireman's carry for a warm-up. And then find a 2-rep max front squat (125lbs). And THEN the workout... 25 pull-ups + 45 front squats (65lbs) + 45 kettlebell swings (35lbs) + 25 pull-ups. DONE!  Sunday - Easy 9-mile family bike ride. Alice's first! 

Helmet nerds. // On the road! // Rewarded for her first ride with a kiss.


  1. That sounds like a fun relaxing weekend. It's good to start Alice out with a helment. She will eventually get use to it.

    I see parents riding with those types of kid carriers and their kids wear helmets. Some of them are double child carriers. Maybe you'll swap out for a double next spring. Just wishful dreaming.

    We took our bikes out for a few laps around Liberty Park and around our neighborhood. The GPS said we went about 10 miles. It's great to be out in the nice weather. ENJOY! xo

  2. You guys look so cute in your biking gear!

  3. How inspiring. We have a Burley but we have yet to use it. We live in a fairly hilly area so we'd have to drive somewhere flatter in the Bay Area. We have no excuses...there are great places to bike in the Bay Area. If you can get out there in the colder Boston weather, I should be able to do it here in California!


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