Thursday, April 12, 2012

Curve Ball.

Alice enjoying homemade cards from Canada.

Just when I feel like I am getting the hang of this caring-for-a-newborn thing, Alice throws me a curve ball.  Like today, for instance... she wants nothing to do with napping in her crib.  Nothing!  Yesterday during the day she took three 2-hour naps in her crib.  Today?  Um.  She's been cat-napping in my arms all day in 20 to 30 minute intervals and the second I get her even near her crib, her eyes spring open and she's immediately cranky.  And now it's 4PM and I just put her in there for a nap.  Let's see how long it lasts.

Don't get me wrong, I love holding Alice (either in my arms or the Moby) but it makes taking a shower or doing laundry or making lunch for myself a bit difficult.  Too bad we live so far away from everyone.  It would be really helpful to have family or friends living close by to lend a hand!

Any advice?!  Alice is eating every 1.5 to 2 hours in the day and every 2.5 to 3.5 hours at night so I don't think it's a hunger thing.  Maybe a growth spurt?  But she's a newborn, for godsakes... aren't they always in a growth spurt?!

And, honestly, I feel like I will never be able to leave the house again.  I mean, how could I possibly even venture to the grocery store with this ticking time-bomb of a cranky and overly tired infant?  Please tell me it gets easier!  I know it does.... but when?!  I just need to hear it from some been-there-done-that moms.   


  1. It gets easier, but the only consistent thing about newborns is change. Don't worry. You can do it. And I know it's heartbreaking, but putting her in the swing or bouncer or crib or whatever when she's crying so that you can have a break is fine. That may be the only way to get your shower. XOXO

  2. Adriana is the same way. I was lucky enough to be given a swing, and she would let me put her in that and would cat nap, or be less cranky. I think if I didn't have that I would have been a little crazier! It gets better... at least a little ! :)

  3. The first few weeks are the hardest but YES it does get easier!!! Try her in a swing or take her for a walk. Sometimes for my daughter it was the angle she was at. She actually slept a lot in her car seat because she had some acid reflux and it made it better! Hang in does get better!!

  4. Yes it gets easier. With my second it got easier after the first 6 weeks were over. It got challenging again around 6 months when she stopped sleeping through the night for a month or two but now she's back to sleeping great and all is well!

    Hang in there and know that once this stage is over you'll forget all about it until someone asks you, if it gets better!

  5. It does get easier, but it doesn't mean there wont be those days. Lulu will sleep really well some days and other days she won't. Now she sometimes gets cranky when I hold her too much!

  6. It gets easier! Every single one of my babies were like this for the first 3 months... I mean, easy one day, but pretty hard to put down most of the time. It's exhausting, especially when you don't have family around, I know. But hang in there. It definitely gets easier.

    I know others say it, but I'll say it again. This stage will fly by so fast and before you know it, you'll have a toddler who sleeps 12 hours per night and takes great naps. You can do this!!!

  7. Wear her. You have a Moby, right? I use it when Nolan just can't be put down. It lets me eat, empty the dishwasher, etc.

    I totally get the no family thing. It's so hard to be far away when you have a wee one. Hugs and I wish I could help!

  8. Duh, I just re read your post and saw you were already using the Moby.

    Showering and cooking/unsafe kitchen stuff are the two things that are hard when you are alone. You just take fast showers or wait until Lee comes home.


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