Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Canadian Sunrise. March 2013.

On Sunday night I could hear congestion brewing in Alice's little chest.  And this morning, we woke up to a stuffy and boogery and drippy-nosed baby.  Alice has her first cold!  She is taking it in stride, though, and despite only being able to breath through her mouth, she is in remarkably good spirits.

Fortunately we also woke up to a beautiful morning with inch-long frost clinging to absolutely everything. As soon there was enough light I bundled up and went out into the -20C morning to capture the magical moment.

Any home remedies for a baby with congestion and a snotty nose?  We have a humidifier running next to her crib and Tylenol is on hand if she spikes a fever. We also have a bulb suction but I can't bring myself to torture her with that device just yet!


  1. Ah its so hard when they get a cold! My son is nearly 6 months old and got his first cold a few weeks ago...in fact he still has it!! But doc says he's fine...they are resilient little people:) Humidifier is awesome, also try Baby Vicks rub on her chest and baby saline spray in her nose.

  2. Those photos are so incredible!

    Sorry to hear Alice isn't feeling well - hopefully she's on the mend soon. Have you heard of/seen the Nosefrida? I'm dying to hear about how it works/the gross out factor from someone I know :)

  3. Gorgeous picture. Looks beautiful, but cold.

    I used to run a really hot shower with the door closed. I would take you in the steamy bathroom and use the suction bulb, it wasn't pleasant for you or me, but it helped get some of that crap out and let you breath easier.

    Hope you don't get sick either. Wishing you all good health. xoxo

  4. The humidifier would have been my tip. Love those things. Also try propping her cot up a bit. Lulu always sleeps better in the pram on a bit of an angle when she has a cold. Hope Alice is feeling better soon x


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