Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Back when I was pregnant I saw a news story about a company that made it possible to rent children's toys.  Thinking it sounded like a great idea I vowed to try it once our little girl arrived.  And then once Alice was born, and the newborn fog set in, I forgot all about that smart little company.  Until last week!

I was just about to buy Alice some sort of new toy when I remembered that story I'd heard.  A quick google search found the toy rental company and, after reading about them and the way they clean and sanitize their toys, I was sold.  Plus, their company motto was right up my own less stuff alley.  Committed to fun!  Not clutter.     

Alice's first box of toys arrived yesterday and, so far, I'm impressed!  All the toys look brand new and came tightly shrink-wrapped.  And now, I just hold onto the box they came in and then, in a month's time, I'll put them back in, tape it up, affix the included return shipping sticker and drop it off at UPS.  And, next time we travel, I might try their idea of shipping toys to our destination rather than taking up space in a suitcase with a bunch of toys.  So smart.  So simple.

Alice is loving her new toys.  And I am loving that I'm not adding to the baby clutter in our apartment.

Would you ever rent toys for your child?  There are some toys that I would love to own (and will most likely buy) like this puzzle board or these wooden blocks.  But I am perfectly happy just renting those plastic baby toys as owning them for a lifetime (or sending them to a landfill) just isn't for me.  Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!


  1. I checked into this company after the last time you mentioned them, and after your review today I think I just might try them after the holidays. My daughter seems to get bored easily of her toys and this seems like a more cost effective way to keep her engaged. Especially since we don't know if or when we want a second child and buying toys for her to play with for a short amount of time only to take up space that's already at a premium in our house doesn't seem too practical. -leah

  2. Look at her expression! Alice is so interested in her "new" toys. I looked at the web site. Their cleaning and sanitation methods are what sold me, plus it sounds like a good way to keep a "new" toy supply, without keeping toys around that Alice doesn't play with anymore.

    Alice is such a smart little girl, she will need to be stimulated with new toys. Try new toys, mix it up. If she doesn't like them, back they go. GREAT IDEA!

    I remember buying toys for you, you only played with them a couple of times, still in great condition, so I would keep them for your little sister, who only played with them a couple of times.... and the cycle continued. So many toys, I had a "toy room" in our basement to contain them all. xoxo

  3. I am a fan of buying toys for my kids but being part of a LARGE group of friends and friends of friends who have babies to kindergarden kids I can test toys at their house so I know my kids will love them. We also pass toys around in the group. I was married at 22 and have 5 older stepsisters, and was the 2nd or 3rd of my friends to have kids. So my infant clothes, toys, and baby gear (swing, exersaucer, car seat) are being used by other people right now! :) We buy most of our toys used, or buy a few quality pieces (like the doll house they're getting for Christmas) and know that the toys we have will most likely go through us and at least 2 other families. So I guess we are kinds the rental agency! :)

  4. Renting toys is such a good idea. We have a town toy library, so just like a book library you can borrow toys. It's a one off yearly fee and you can have up to 4 toys for two weeks. We've used it to borrow those bit toys like the stand and play toys that are way too big to store & that your kid is really only going to be interested in for two weeks anyway. They also have ride on toys, small toys & play equipment. It's fantastic.

  5. Wow! I've never heard of this, but what a great idea! I also really like the idea of a toy swap with friends, where you trade a bunch of toys for a month, then switch back so the toys are like new again! I've never done it, but it does sound like a good alternative to buying all new crap. I mean, toys.


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