Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to Boston.

Watching the world pass her by. // Grandma's hand-stitched quilt.

Remarkably we made it back to Boston yesterday despite the snow.  I was hoping our flight would be canceled so that we could stay another day in SLC but it wasn't.  Now that we're here, though, it feels good to be back amongst our things.  It felt good to go back to my routine and go to CrossFit this morning (heavy back squats... ouch!).  And it felt good to have a cup of coffee from the french press while listening to NPR.

Luckily Alice is still on a mountain-time-zone schedule so as she snoozes away this morning, I was able to sit down (!!) and enjoy my breakfast while it was still hot.  Coffee, too.  But she is stirring now and I can hear her babbling to herself so I guess my quiet morning is over.  That's okay, though, as we have mounds of bags to unpack and laundry to do.  But as luck would have it our washing machine stopped working as I did my last load of laundry before we left for Utah.  And it still hasn't been fixed despite my request.

Oh, bother!      


  1. Welcome back to our winter wonderland. Glad you guys had so much fun, and sorry you couldn't sneak in an extra day :)

  2. The amount of washing that piles up when you've been away is incredible. I thought I'd done all of ours before we left the beach house, but after 3 days in the car there was still more to do when we arrived home and there is still one more load to do today! Hope they fix your machine soon, but then again, maybe not so you can put it off a little longer!!

  3. Love the picture of Alice gazing out the window. She did that alot when I was watching her. She loved the street lights and the passing buses.

    The quilt is beautiful. Great-Grandmother is very talented. sorry to hear that your washing machine is out of order. Makes life just a bit more complicated.

    Glad you made it home. We miss you. xoxo Grandma Julie


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