Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grandma's House.

From the top left, clockwise - Grandfather clock replica of the clock in the entrance hall of the Pi Kappa Alpha National Headquaters with the date inscribed that my Grandfather joined the fraternity. // Nutcrackers collected from around the world. // Lladro figurine Bride & Groom amongst the crystal. // Knick-knacks & a thimble collection. // My Grandmother's needlepoint put onto a footstool. // Music box sewing machine, a gift for a Home Economics teacher of 29 years.

Walking into my Grandma's house is like walking down the memory lane of my childhood. All the furniture I climbed up and over as a kid. All the fragile knick-knacks I handled when my Grandma wasn't looking. There is something about being back here with her and among her things that makes me feel safe. I feel that safe, warm feeling that can only come from being with Grandma.

I've loved being here and seeing Alice back in the arms of her great-grandmother. I have fond memories of time spent with my great-grandma and I can only hope Alice will have some of the same. We've enjoyed a few days together with Alice wiggling and climbing and walking with hands held all over my Grandma's house, her grin toothy and her laughter infectious.

Every piece of furniture, every tiny figurine, every tattered book at my Grandmother's house has a story. I love sitting with her as she tells me That time your Grandfather and I.... or When I was your age... as she smiles and laughs at the memory she is recounting. I should really write them all down. I'd hate to forget a word of all that she's ever told me. All that she's ever taught me.

Figurines from Denmark brought over by my Great-Grandmother. 1952.

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  1. You're grandmother is a very special lady. She always treated me with love, respect and laughter.

    You also got to spend time with two of your great-grandmothers from both sides of the family. Grandma Yah, when you were a small child from your dad's side of the family and Bubby, when you were a young woman, from my husband's side, when I remarried.

    I'm glad you have such good memories to keep and share. xoxo Mom


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