Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Brother-in-law, husband, me. Ready to shred.

After going for a run in a tank top on Monday, it's nice to see winter has returned to Boston today.  As the snow falls here I am reminded of a snowboard trip we took in January of 2010 to Marmot Basin in Alberta, Canada.  Growing up in Salt Lake City, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, I thought I knew mountains.  And then I saw the Canadian Rockies.

Whoa.  Now those are mountains. 

Ski or snowboard?  We've always been a skiing family as my Dad had me on my own pair by the time I was three.  And then when I was a freshman in high school, my friends and I all started to snowboard.  But, after more than 15 years of exclusively snowboarding, I'm going back to my roots.  I guess I am just a skier at heart. 


  1. What a beautiful place! I feel like I live vicariously through you and your travels on this blog. Also? Your athleticism is really impressive. I've never tried to ski, but it seems really scary to me!

  2. Ah, mountain pictures are my favorite! James went skiing last weekend up in Vermont while I was in NY, but no such luck for me. He skis and I snowboard. Like you, I skied for years, and then when I met James he was so much better than me (having spent a few years as a ski bum in Colorado), my competitive spirit couldn't deal so i switched to boarding and never looked back. I love it, it just feels more relaxed than skiing to me. The only time I miss skis are with crappy icy conditions. Before Wyatt, we always got at least 15-20 days in a season. Now it's generally single digits, but soon he'll be ready to join :) Can you tell that this us a subject I love?

  3. I miss the mountains. After living in Utah, we know we need to live near them when Jason retires from the military. That is in about 7 years..hoping to end up in Colorado.

    I tried snowboarding once, ended up with a very bruised butt and I didn't have fun at all. Skiing, I fell in love the first day! I am no pro but I do really enjoy it.

  4. Gorgeous pictures of the "Canadian Rockies". Come visit us in Utah and get in some great skiing. We've been dumped on with tons of snow.

    I do miss skiing, haven't gone since I had knee replacements. I should be brave and go out again. xo

  5. I love that lift picture SO much!!

  6. I learnt to ski as an adult & it is quite challenging, especially when 4year olds are wizzing past you, but I had to keep reminding myself that at 4, they had been skiing longer than me! I did a boarding lesson once, but I hate the idea of having my legs strapped to the board! Skiing for me.
    Your ski shots are great.

  7. Utah is socked in right now with our usual winter inversion, and the escape to the mountains that are here is amazing! I went up and went touring today and it was BEAUTIFUL! Even though they may not be as massive and expansive as the Canadian Rockies, I sure do like the mountains here and I know Snowbird and I miss you!


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