Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Opening presents.

Christmas has come and gone.  And I'm pretty sure I took a zillion photos to document Alice's first one.  So, as I wade through the pictures of all the cooking and baking and plating of food that will become our annual Christmas menu, please enjoy these obligatory photos of Alice opening her first Christmas present (from her Canadian cousins).  As most kids, she enjoyed the unwrapping and then the playing with the wrapping more than the actual gift itself.  Kids are so funny.

What was your favorite thing about Christmas Day this year?  The warmth and the smells and all the action coming from the kitchen.  My husband outdid himself this year!  More on that tomorrow...

And last night we watched the documentary Beer Wars (while drinking this stout).  Interesting story.  Have you seen it?  


  1. Briana! She is just too adorable! That little red coat and her little toothy grin! Just when I decide to steer clear of the baby fever that's been going on around here you go and put up pictures like that ;)

  2. Great pictures of Ms Alice. I love the crying picture. It reminds me of you, that age, trying to help you and you started to cry. I'm glad you got a picture of her opening a present. Miss you "3" xoxo. Mom


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