Monday, December 24, 2012

Starting Traditions.

Alice wants a piece of the bread-making action!

The kitchen is abuzz here at our house.  My husband has been busy the last few days planning our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus and today his plan goes into action.  We've decided to center our Christmas traditions around being together as a family in the kitchen.  Making things from scratch.  Using our hands.  Enjoying the smells from the oven.  Remembering what is important as we share a home-cooked meal together.   

There is honey whole wheat bread rising.  Clams ready to be made into chowder.  Homemade crackers ready to bake.  And a baby taking it all in.  Her first Christmas may not have a tree.  But it will have the first round of family traditions we plan to make happen every year.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! 

Bread rising. Christmas Eve 2012.


  1. So glad you are starting new traditions. Your husband is a great cook... and so are you. I love that you are spending your "eve" together preparing a fabulous meal.

    Maybe Alice will learn to be a great cook too! Let her help knead the bread next time. That could be messy but FUN! xoxo Mom

  2. Your Christmas tradition sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas x


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