Monday, November 5, 2012


Friday:  Happy hour at home with a Breakfast Stout.  Dinner and a malbec.  And then chocolate.  The day always ends with chocolate.
Saturday:  Outing into the city.  And then a late lunch at the Fireplace.  Alice was so well-behaved and had no meltdowns!  She was so good that two different parties commented on her behavior as they left the restaurant.  We nodded and told them it must be our stellar parenting when in reality it was probably the handful of french fries we gave her.
Sunday:  Little hand trying to sneak a piece of pumpkin bread.  Alice showing off her bottle-holding skills.

And who is excited for Election Day tomorrow?  I sure am.  Not only am I excited to vote but I am excited for all this political bullshit to be over.  I can't imagine living in a swing state and being bombarded with political ads every second of the day.

Who do you think will win the election?  There was a story on the news last night (and also in the NY Times) about the ability to predict the outcome of an election based on how people answer who they think will win the election.  Not who they will vote for.

In presidential races since 1952, the expectations question has pointed to the winner in 81 percent of states, based on data from the American National Election Studies. The question about voting intentions pointed to the winner in 69 percent.

Right now, most of the polls show that Americans expect President Obama to win the election.  And I am really excited about that.


  1. Your weekend looks great. I am a nervous wreck about the election, with the senate race I almost do feel like we are in a swing state. I'm hoping I don't have to stay up all night for those results!

  2. The pumpkin bread looks delicious! You'll have to get Alice to teach lulu how to hold her bottle. She has no interest in holding it by herself.

    I'm a little nervous for the results of your election too. It might not be how we want it to be, but the US sets the tone for things here too. I'm really hoping you're right about Obama winning..... Fingers crossed!!

  3. Me too! Me too! Go Obama!

    I love that picture of Alice at the restaurant-- she looks so inquisitive!

  4. Such cute pictures of your hubby and Alice! Looks like you had a great relaxing weekend.

    So glad there is a mute button on the remote control. I'm sick of the commercials too

    I'm voting tomorrow before I go to work! Yeah. Lets hope the democrats come out in force in UT. Who knows a miracle could happen. xoxo

  5. I am realllly happy we were living outside the states during this election. The ads would have driven me nuts.

    I am not political AT ALL and am interested in the outcome, but I will admit to not really liking either candidate.

    The food you post always looks so yummy :)


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