Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the MFA.

Yesterday we had a play date at the Museum of Fine Arts with Alice's long-time buddy, Maggie.  Maggie and Alice have been friends since those early newborn days when we all met at our first Mom & Me class.  Oh boy.  That seems like a lifetime ago!  I can hardly remember Alice as a newborn.  How quickly I forget those sleepless nights and those hormone-crazed days!  Anyway, it has been so fun to be friends with Maggie and her mom and to see our babies grow and develop together.  And they both managed to get their two bottom teeth within the same few days!  What are the chances...

We went to the MFA to see the Mario Testino exhibit.  The name was familiar but I couldn't place who Mario Testino was or what his artwork entailed.  And then I walked into the exhibit and was like, Oh ya! Duh.  You know that photo of Jennifer Aniston in the white mens button down and nothing else?  Or the photo of Madonna on the cover of her album Ray of Light?  Or the picture of J.Lo walking the pack of dobermans while wearing a ball gown?  All his work.  All his photography.

Gorgeous.  Provocative.  Inspiring.  Go see it.  It's worth the $25 admission.

After the Mario Testino exhibit we wandered over to the Contemporary Art area of the MFA to have a latte.  There is a beautiful cafe in an unbelievably light and airy part of the museum.  Maggie's mom and I were talking about something when I looked up to marvel at the skylights.  Whoa!  There were dudes jumping from the second floor!  But not really.  It just looked that way.  I would've spent way more time photographing that area and other parts of the MFA (where photos are allowed, of course) but I always feel a bit self-conscious when I am out with a relatively new friend and I spend time taking pictures.

My friend had to leave a bit early so Alice and I walked around and enjoyed a few more areas of the museum before we, too, had to leave.  Alice did remarkably well for the almost three hours we were there but I could tell I'd be pressing my luck if we stayed much longer.  But we will definitely go back.  What a beautiful place!   

Do you ever feel guilty or self-conscious taking time to snap pictures when out with friends?  It depends on who I am with but, yes, I do.  I know most people don't mind and I try to not make my photo-taking too excessive but I guess I worry it may seem like I am disinterested.  In reality, I am overly interested and am just trying to capture the moment! 


  1. You do have a great eye for capturing the perfect pictures. Love the lighting, textures and angles. Absolutely Wonderful! xoxo

  2. I love the MFA, especially with the new-ish addition. Two winters ago, when Wyatt was born and we had serious snow, I went there at least once a week just to stroll around inside. It harder these days because he is walking and I'm afraid he'll get nuts and storm a sculpture... soon we will be able to get back there :)

    1. If you ever venture to the MFA and want some company, Alice and I would love to join you! : )

  3. I often feel self conscious taking photos around friends & hardly ever do. Your photos of the museum are great.


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