Thursday, November 15, 2012


Enjoying a morning read.

I can see how people say flying with kids gets harder as they get bigger. When Alice was a wee little newborn she easily fit in the crook of my arm in the tiny plane seat. But now? It's baby-wrangling keeping her on my lap. She wants to stand! She wants to sit! She wants to grab the lights on the arm rest! She wants to crane her head to look down the aisle. And that's all within five minutes.

Luckily I had my husband sitting next to me to help out. I don't know how someone flies alone with a lap kid! As much as it will suck, I'm sort of looking forward to when we have to buy Alice a seat. More real estate for her entertainment! And a break from man-handling her in a 17-inch space.

And one more thing... Flying is always interesting because you get up close and personal with complete strangers. You get to see first-hand just how weird people are! For instance, my husband happened to look down the aisle toward the lavatory as a guy was stepping out. With his open laptop in hand. And headphones around his neck.

Um. Really?!

People are so weird.

Do you have any weird plane stories? This laptop-in-the-potty one was pretty good. But nothing can top my bugs on a plane experience. Ew.


  1. bugs on a plane scarred me for life. no joke, I always check for them now.

    this past spring, when we flew from newark to st louis, a guy next to us (tiny plane) systematically shredded piles and piles of paper. It was loud, and just..odd. then called the flight attendant over three times to off load his trash. odd.

    I agree, younger is easier. when we flew from here to the states, Nolan was five months old. He did great. the worst part was the jet lag. Now, it will be mucho $$ for us to all fly to the states again, and he will be walking and into everything. so I am not sure when that will happen again.

  2. No weird plane stories here, just difficulties. I once had to fly with Emil (by myself) next to a very large man who was definitely encroaching on my seat space and trying to breastfeed Emil without him kicking the guy proved to be challenging! I will not fly with him until he is much older, because right now he simply won't sit still-- not even long enough to finish a baby book!


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