Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In the wee hours of Friday morning, our little family of three started an adventure that took us from Boston to Minneapolis and finally to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where we headed unannounced to surprise my in-laws. After nine hours of travel, we arrived at their home only to find them not there! I had sort of imagined walking in while they sat around the kitchen table enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee. Instead they were in town running errands and came home an hour or so after we arrived. I guess that's what you get when you show up unannounced, huh? But, even though it didn't go as expected, the look of surprise on their faces when they saw their granddaughter was worth the 4AM wake up and the long day of travel.

Our trip was short and ends today but our time was well spent catching up with all sorts of family over coffee and food and, of course, beer. Alice has grown so much since she last saw this family and will be so much bigger the next time we make this trip. And, next time, as fun as it was to surprise everyone, we'll let you know we are coming. I mean, I am terrible at keeping surprises a secret and it killed me not to tell anyone about this trip. I'm actually surprised I didn't spill the beans when we booked it over a month ago!

We love you, Canada family. Till next time. XO.


  1. that sounds like an amazing weekend. i love surprising people like that. i'm sure your in-laws loved it and the alice time :)

  2. That's so fun, what a great surprise! Glad you guys had such a wonderful time on your secret adventure.

  3. Yeah! It's wonderful that Alice is portable at this age. Still a lot of stuff to haul, but easy to pick up and go. Glad you had a fun visit. xoxo

  4. Oh how fun, a surprise trip. What a great way to spend the weekend.


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