Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Months.

"I'm over this photo shoot, Mom."     

Dear Sweet Pea,

You are six months old today!  It is hard to believe that half of a year has already passed since you were born.  And today is the first day of fall!  You have now experienced two full seasons: spring and summer.  We can't wait to see your reaction as the weather gets colder and you see snow for the first time.  Hopefully you'll love it as winters sure are long here in Boston.

You are growing so quickly and are now seventeen pounds and twenty-eight inches long!  You are still long and lean but you've developed some adorable baby chub on your legs and bum.  Dad loves to tickle you around your squishy little knees, which always elicits a giggle from you.  Two bottom teeth sprouted up last month, too, and you love to try them out on anything you can get into your mouth.  Mommy has had to teach you not to bite her when nursing but that is still a work in progress.  Who knew two little teeth could hurt so much?!

You are sitting up all by yourself now, although you nosedive on occasion if Mommy or Daddy aren't quick enough to catch you.  You are a mover and a groover in your crib and always end up in the strangest positions.  You love to sleep on your stomach and, no matter how many times we put you on your back, you turn yourself right over and get comfy before falling asleep.

Speaking of sleep, we moved you and your crib out of Mom and Dad's room this past month!  With all of your squeaking and squawking while sleeping and with Mom's midnight bathroom breaks that always seem to wake you up, no one was getting a restful night's sleep.  Now you are just down the hall from our room and everyone seems to be sleeping better!  You are also napping more consistently and are falling asleep in your crib by yourself.  Well, all except for your afternoon nap.  You love to fight that one even though it is obvious you are exhausted!

New flavors of foods are often met with a strange look and then a vocalized Mmmmmmm! if you like it or a grimace if you don't.  Mom tricked you into eating those tart apples that you didn't seem to like by mixing them with sweet potatoes or squash.  And now, you gobble them up (and Mom made the next batch with a sweeter variety)!  

You bring so much joy and happiness (and, we'll admit... some frustration and a lot of sleep-deprivation!!) to our lives.  It goes without saying... we love you more than anything!

Mom & Dad.

Alice & Clifton showing off their feet.    


  1. Happy 6 months little miss Alice.

    I'm very glad to hear that you are sleeping in your own crib in your own room, giving your mom and dad a better nights sleep.

    Keep enjoying all the wonderful good food xx

  2. Wow, 6 months old. Time sure goes by quickly.

    I love how you have a comparison of how much Alice is growing each month, with her stuffed toy Clifton".

    I'm so looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks. And of course, you and your handsome husband. xoxo Mom


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