Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Park Fountains.

After getting our food at Cutty's last weekend, we ventured to a local park to eat our lunch.  There was a splash fountain there but, since the weather was cool-ish that day, no children were playing in it.  This was perfect for me because I was then able to take pictures of the water fountains without looking like a creeper snapping photos of random kids.  

Now I can't wait till next year to take Alice back to this park once she's gone mobile and can enjoy splashing in the fountains.  And then I won't look like the weirdo with no kids taking photos while hanging around a splash park! 


  1. Such a sweet face, and those are some nice sprayers- very understated :) She will love it once she's mobile.

  2. Great pictures of your little one. Also love the water pictures with each individual droplet in focus, really cool. xoxo


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