Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Storms.

The clouds rolled in. August 2012.    

There is something about an evening summer rainstorm that is so exhilarating.  As the daylight fades, the menacing clouds heavy with rain roll in, promising an exciting show.  Over the weekend we had that perfect summer storm that boomed and crackled and lit up the fading sky.  I captured these pictures just before the skies opened up and poured down rain.  And then I sat at the window and enjoyed the stormy theatrics from my front row seat.

Do you know any old wives' tales about thunder-and-lightening storms?  My grandma used to tell us that you never did the following things during a wild summer storm:  Don't take a bath.  Don't use an appliance that plugs into the wall.  And don't stand near a window.  Whoops.  Sorry, Grandma.  I couldn't help myself.

Alberta farmland. August 2012.    


  1. Beautiful photos, storms are wonderfully dramatic. So sorry about your phone! I'm obsessed with mine and that would be the worst. My computer is toast right now so I feel you. We need our technology these days ! :)

  2. I love summer thunder showers. The smell of the rain when it makes the dirt wet. The all around clean smell after the rain.

    Yes, I was told to not be on a phone (land line) or be near a window. Just have to get close to the storms. As kids we would sit on the porch, watch for lightening, then count the seconds before you heard the thunder, to estimate how far away the storm was.

    I remember (summer of 1977, before I got married to your dad) there was a huge downpour, the weather was hot, rain was warm, and the water was running over the curbs and flooding the lawns. We had a great time that day, running and splashing in the giant puddles. Good memories. xoxo

  3. The farmland is so pretty. Great photos.


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