Sunday, July 22, 2012

Four Months.

  Alice thinking Clifton may be a bit shady. July 2012.      

Dear Little Squish,

You are four months old today.  And oh, how you have grown and changed this past month!  You are now almost fifteen pounds and over twenty-six inches long!  You eyelashes have gotten so dark and long that your Daddy says they look like little spider legs.  Don't listen to him, though.  They are beautiful and they frame your hazel-turning eyes perfectly.  You are still mostly bald although Mom swears that every day you have just a bit more of that fine auburn colored hair.   

Your personality is shining through and it is obvious that you are a fiery little bug.  Your newest trick is what Mom calls the straight body move.  You do this when you aren't too happy that we are putting you in your stroller or car seat.  You stiffen your legs and push your belly out, making yourself as straight as a board so that we can't easily strap you in.  Pretty clever!  But Mom has figured out that if she sings to you while buckling you up that you forget about your attempts to escape.  Speaking of singing, you love being sung to.  Mom has a bunch of songs that she sings to you throughout the day to distract or entertain you.  Some of your favorites are the Hurry! Hurry! Drive the Firetruck song and the I Like to Eat Apples & Bananas song.  You also love to screech at the top of your lungs like a pterodactyl when Mommy lays you in your crib.  We think you are just letting us know that Hey! I'm still here! Come hang out with me!  You are a bit impatient and have somewhat of a short fuse.  We wonder who you got those traits from!

You love grabbing toys with your tiny little hands and, of course, they go directly into your mouth.  You are also fascinated by the sound of crinkly bags and we are most likely to elicit a laugh by surprising you with that sound.  You'll even laugh when Mommy or Daddy crunches a chip near your ear!  This past month you managed to roll from your belly to your back and Mom will never forget the look of amazement on your face at what you had done.  You were so proud of yourself!  

Every day is an adventure with you.  And we are loving every minute of it.

We love you so much.
Mom & Dad.

 Alice & Sophie. July 2012.    


  1. Words cannot describe how beautiful our little granddaughter is! It is hard to believe that it's been 4 months since she made an appearance into our world. Even though we don't get to hold her or see her in person (except for skype). We feel like we know her very well with your descriptions of how she acts... because she reminds me of you so much as a baby.

    Bri, as a baby, you ruled our world. We revolved around you. Sounds like your little one is making you revolve around her... as it should be. Right! Thanks for posting pictures and comments about our gorgeous, fabulous and wonderful granddaughter! We love you "3" and miss you so much! xo

  2. PS: I pulled out the picture you sent of Alice when she was 3 or 4 weeks old, sitting in the bouncy seat. She looked so tiny... Wow, what a comparison. She has grown up so much. xo

  3. Happy four month birthday! She is too adorable.

  4. So adorable! I cannot believe she's four months already! Our Eden loves her Sophie, although at three months she can't quite control it. Whenever it gets to her mouth, though, she is psyched!


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