Monday, April 23, 2012

One Month.

Alice & her little monster-friend, Clifton.

Dear Sweet Pea,

You are now a month old!  Time is not really flying by as people said it would but I am sure we will look back on this time fondly as a total sleep-deprived blur.  You are really starting to show us your fiery personality!  We love watching you furrow your brow and wrinkle up your nose as you attack your meal (i.e. Mom!) before you eat.  And speaking of eating, you are not very patient when your belly is empty!  Watch out for your screams at mealtime.  You do not like to wait!

You are starting to coo and make noises in response to things such as Mommy or Daddy talking to you or as you look at your bug book.  It is so cute to hear you finding your little voice.  And I could have sworn I saw an intentional one yesterday, but... you seem to be on the verge of showing us your first big, gummy smile.  We can't wait for that.

You love to take walks in the stroller (in fact it's one of the only way to get you to nap).  Bath time is also one of your favorites.  Your eyes get so big as you sit in the warm water in the sink!   It is also a nice time for you and Daddy to hang out.  You sure love it when he washes and massages your head!

Alice, you are a little firecracker and we love you so much.  This last month has been one of the most interesting and eye-opening but happiest months of our lives.  Every day we love you more.

Mom & Dad.


  1. Those big eyes in the warm water may be due to warm water producing pee. Just sayin'.

  2. I cannot believe she is already 1 month old! It sounds like it has been quite an adjustment, but it will get easier from here on out! Yay, Alice!

  3. Oh my God, one month old already. Time flies!!! Well, it flies for us, I guess not for you. But I have to say the first month is the most difficult one. Now, it is going to star to get easy. Enjoy your little baby! She is very cute! By the way, Alice is going to look very cute in her havaianas!

  4. Oh, such a cute letter to little Alice Glen. One month has flown by. I loved reading it. It makes me want to see her in person and hold her again. I love you "3" and miss you "3" very much. xo


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