Friday, July 6, 2012


 Hey, Mom. Why can't I sit up like that?    

Earlier this week, Alice had a play date with Baby H.  Baby H is four months older than Alice and it is amazing to see all the more things she can do at seven months in comparison to Alice's three and a half little months of life.  Babies really do grow and change and learn at an astonishing rate.  It was so funny to see these two babies together, side-by-side, and see the developmental differences between them.  Alice seemed totally in awe of all that Baby H could do.  Maybe even a little jealous. 

Sit up by herself?  So cool! 

Jump in her exer-saucer?  Wow. How'd she do that?

Eat real food and hold a sippy cup?  I wanna try that, Mom!

Patience, young grasshopper.  Patience.       

First time in the Sassy Seat. July 2012.    

1 comment:

  1. The size difference between the two babies is substantial. I remember when you were 3-4 months old and I would see a 9 or 12 month old, I felt like they were almost abnormally large (oversized). But it was only because you were that much smaller (in age and size).

    Cute jumpy seat. As a baby you loved being in your johnny jumper. Plus it gives Mom a break for a few minutes. xoxo


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