Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday. The care package edition.

So my amazing little sister is doing wonderfully in Kusapin, Panama... enjoying white sand beaches and pristine Caribbean waters while she serves two years with the Peace Corps.  Sounds luxurious, right?  Hold that thought.  She has no running water.  No flushing toilets.  No cell service (which means no internet service).  No major roads.  No electricity.  And only one working pay phone in the middle of the town (which is always in use).  And she is thriving!  I sent her a care package today full of dried fruit and nuts and Lara bars and CANDY (swedish fish, peach-o's, sour patch kids).  And no, they do not deliver it to Kusapin where she lives.... they drop it off at the nearest Post Office which is a 2-hour boat ride plus a 4-hour bus ride away! For $45 bones to ship, it better eff-ing get there!

Here are the photos I took while walking to the Post Office.  I found an adorable set of statues in a park of two grandparents welcoming their grandkids into their open arms.  It was heart-warming, although the old people's faces were a bit creepy.

(The 'Christ' reference is supposed to deter thieves from snatching her package!)

In other news... I haven't run yet.  I have been dying to run this week but I'm giving myself one more week of 'no-running' for my knee to (hopefully) completely heal before I lace up my shoes.  It's killing me.  But with age has come knowledge (and patience).  I've been here before and then I push myself and I'm back to square one.  Not this time! So, in the meantime, I'm thinking about running, which is just as good for me, right?

(I always loved this Nike ad. It makes me feel good about my not-so-pencil-thin thighs)

What have YOU learned about yourself as you've gotten older?  I've realized that it is not good to push through knee/foot/ankle-type pain.  Lung-burning, quad-screaming, puking-up-lunch pain?  Absolutely.  RUN ON!   (I have also learned that I cannot be trusted with a 4-pack of Cadbury eggs.)

If you could pick one type of vacation, would you chose mountains or beach?  I think most people would chose 'beach' but I don't love to swim in the ocean or do ocean sports (all I do is lay on the beach and drink fruity drinks) and getting sand everywhere bothers me.  I'd pick a mountain vacation... but only in summer (I've had ENOUGH snow for a very long time).... so I could trail run, and mountain bike, and hike to my heart's content.

Non-Garmin stats: 60 minutes of 'living room yoga.'  Don't let the 'living room' part fool you, it is hard!  I sweat.  My legs burn.  And my abs are on fire!  Honestly, I think I've gotten more trim in my two week running hiatus by doing yoga!


  1. A very dear friend of mine (who's basically a little sister to me) is in the Peace Corps in Peru right now. I admire those people soo much!

    Mountains--WITH sun shining. :)

  2. What a great thing your sister is doing!
    I love that thunder thigh ad too!

  3. The thunder thigh ad is by far my favorite! I'm not the biggest fan of how my legs look but they do carry me through marathons!

    With each marathon I get a little bit wiser :)

  4. How is Boston feeling for you, Briana? Warming up to it I hope! I would love to be doing what your sister is doing. So sweet of you to be looking out for her! As for the thunder thigh ad, I love it. My thighs used to be that way, but alas, age is starting to creep in and there's a little more flab...

  5. I love that thunder thigh ad!

    yoga is def a great fill in!!

    I want to know how Boston is treating you too!! (:

  6. I love that Nike thunder thigh ad too! As for the vacation - I'd choose mountains any day of the week...beach would leave to a killer sunburn anyways.


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