Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leather Face.

SPF is your friend. Photo credit here.

This is why I wear sunscreen everyday.  I saw this story on the news the other night about a 66-year-old truck driver who spent 30 years driving a semi-truck from 6AM till 3PM, five days a week.  And he didn't wear sunscreen.  The consequences of this are obvious but you really should just read the rest of the story here.

When I worked as a make-up artist in L.A., I learned that the best anti-aging skin cream wasn't the $150 miracle-in-a-jar they sell behind the counter.  Nope.  The best anti-aging cream is plain 'ol sunscreen.  Yep.  SPF of 30 or higher.  Broad Spectrum.  Applied liberally.  And applied daily.  Even on cloudy days.

Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall. 

I'll admit that when I was in my teens I didn't wear much sunscreen.  And I will also admit that during those years I used to fake-bake.  Me, with the red hair and freckles.  Laying in a coffin tanning bed.  So ridiculous.  So not good.

Do I regret it?  Of course.  But all I can do now is apply sunscreen religiously.  And I do.  Every single day.

And I hope that this is enough to keep my skin looking young and (hopefully) cancer-free.

Are you a sunscreen wear-er?  I think times have changed since I was a teen.  There seems to be more information about and more acceptance with using sunscreen.  If only I could go back and tell my 16-year-old self that, although I thought having a tan made me look so much better... a prematurely wrinkled face certainly does not.


  1. Have you talked to my sister lately?? Did she know that I read your blog religiously? Hmmm...

  2. AMEN! I'm pretty good about sunscreen on my face but I need to be better about putting it on my skin when I'm running. Great post!!

  3. I saw this photo yesterday as well! Scary stuff.

    yes, I do. although sometimes just the sunscreen that is in my moisturizer. and it's in my make up.

    what brand do you use?

  4. Oh wow, I hadn't seen that photo before. I wear sunscreen every day, no matter what. Blond hair & freckles aren't friends of the sun either. I use Invisible Zinc on my face when I go running & my tinted moisturizer has SPF in it for everyday stuff.

  5. Yes, sunscreen everyday. Sometimes, I only use my daily moisturizer (15 spf) when going straight to office, then home. If I know I will be out for a walk or bike ride, I put on 50 spf. A friend never wears sunscreen, her chest looks like leather. Not good! Glad you will be cancer free and have less wrinkles.

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