Friday, May 4, 2012

Who's the Boss?

The smile of a deranged, sleep-deprived mom.

So Alice is back in charge.  You guys.  She had been consistently and blissfully sleeping in SIX hour stretches when, all of a sudden, she must've thought Hey. Let me throw my parents for a loop!  So, yep.  Last night was an up-every-two-hours night followed by a I-want-to-eat-every-45-minutes-regardless-if-there-is-milk-in-there-or-not kind of day.  Brutal.  And, of course, my baby who was somewhat angelic earlier in the week is now a tyrant just in time to meet her grandparents.  She is making a really great first impression!

Hey Alice... I suggest you shape up or your Canadian grandparents won't ever come back to visit and they won't be sending you any Christmas gifts!

Just kidding.  They love you already.

Anyone else experience a total flip from angelic to tyrant baby overnight?  Please let this just be the six week growth spurt!


  1. I think it is girls! Dylan was wonderful... I don't remember ever having a complete split like that, however Adriana is ALL over the place, she hasn't slept for 6 hours straight yet and she is 8 months so I envy you on that aspect! I do think growthspurts do bring out the worst in babies... just saying!! Have fun with the inlaws!

  2. Yes, as Alice has these growth spurts, she is letting you know by needing to nurse more, therefore, making you produce more milk. She'll settle down in a couple of days. I'm sure it feels like it's non-stop nursing. That happens, it happened with you several times. Grow, Eat, Grow, Eat! xoxo

  3. PS: You look beautiful. xo Mom

  4. Yes, they really are the boss!!! You are lucky that she was sleeping 6 hours straight! My son never slept that long. He used to sleep 2 to 3 hours. Have fun with the grandparents!

  5. Growth spurt!

    Don't worry. Before you know it, she'll be sleeping through the night and you will miss her so much you'll seriously consider going in and waking her up so you can play with her. Seriously.

  6. I'd say it is just a growth spurt. Hopefully Alice will settle down soon. After a week of waking in the middle of the night for food, lulu's back to sleeping through - yay! Your sleepless nights wont last forever.


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