Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walk it Out.

Fro-Yo & Sun Hats. Summer has arrived.

Alice and I did a lot of walking yesterday.  Some of it was intentional, some of it was not.  You will probably think No duh! when I say this but life with a baby is totally unpredictable.  You always have to be ready for the unexpected!  Of course I am still learning this concept but I am pretty proud of myself for starting to anticipate the needs of this little kid.  I am definitely getting better at reading her cues!  For the most part, anyway.

Walk number one was unintentional.  Alice had a tasty morning snack, we read The Cat in the Hat while she digested her food and then it was time to load her up in the stroller for my morning run.  Diaper was changed.  WubbaNub Giraffe was on hand.  We were ready to go.  It is par for the course for Alice to whimper and whine a little as we head out the door but this time she started to get a little more worked up.  No problem, I thought.  She'll mellow out after a block or two.  She always does.  But not this time.  Oh no!  Her crying got more and more persistent and frantic in spite of my efforts to calm her as we walked.  I think I missed the I'm tired. I need a nap now! window by like five minutes which caused her to go into the I am so pissed that I'm still awake mode.  Not good.  I realized that my efforts to calm her while in the stroller were in vain so I took her wailing little body out of the stroller and held her tightly feeling that lovely mommy guilt for letting her get that out of control.  I rocked and shushed her for a few minutes while a group of construction workers wondered what the hell I had done to my kid because she was still screaming at the top of her lungs.  I thought for sure my run was not going to happen but then I remembered that I had stowed the baby carrier in her stroller the last time I used it.  Salvation!!  She loves being in that thing!  I strapped a still crying Alice into the baby carrier and started walking.  After just a few steps her crying subsided and she was fast asleep on my chest.  And I am sure we were a site to see... frazzled chick in running clothes carrying her baby while pushing an empty jogging stroller.  Fortunately I was able to ease Alice back into her stroller after a few blocks when she was sufficiently asleep and we finished our run.

Walk number two was purely selfish on my part.  Alice had just awoken from a nap.  I wanted frozen yogurt.  So off we went.  Strawberry and coconut fro-yo with strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut and crushed graham crackers.  Um, delicious!

And walk number three was an experiment.  Remember how well Alice did the other night when we took her out for a walk just before bedtime?  I decided to try it again tonight rather than jostle and walk her in circles around our apartment.  So back in the baby carrier Alice went and we were out the door for an evening stroll.  And she loved it!  She stayed awake for a few blocks, looking at the trees and listening to the traffic and then drifted off for a quick pre-bedtime nap.  No evening meltdown or witching hour in site.

(Non) Garmin stats: Yesterday = 3.5 miles/?? minutes, including some seriously steep hills.  My run was almost thwarted by a cranky baby but quick thinking by this mommy saved the day.  Hooray!  And... P.S.  I am STILL sore from my Monday & Tuesday workouts.


  1. that looks so yummy. its 7:40 am here but i could seriously go for some frozen yogurt if anything was open!

  2. Oh my goodness you totally brought back a memory I had repressed from my first baby. That exact same thing happened to me when he was about 3 months old. I felt so guilty but luckily wasn't too far from home.

    Also, Alice has the most perfect little mouth!

  3. She looks to beautiful. What a good job Mom.

  4. Love her little hat it's so cute. Alice sure had a good set of lungs on her. Glad you had a good walk/run. Take Care~ xo


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