Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Someday, I'll get it right.

Boston's Historic South End.

Every time I go out with Alice, I learn a lesson.  Mainly that lesson is what I should be bringing in my diaper bag.  I have already been out and forgot to bring a goddamn diaper,  which was, of course, a total disaster.  It seems that there is always something that I'm like Hmmmm, that'd be a good thing to have with me right now.  So anyway... I was feeling a bit meh and anti-social yesterday but I decided to man-up and go out to lunch with a few of my friends from Mommy Class.  I was hesitant to go because the South End of Boston is a bit of a trek for us, especially with a baby in tow, but as I was sitting in my apartment, debating going to lunch, I said to myself GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!  And get OUT of the apartment!  So off we went on the T to the historic South End.

It was really warm in my neighborhood as we walked to the T.  I had on a tank top and jeans.  Alice had on a onesie and her karate pants.  I brought a hat to keep the sun off her head while in the baby carrier but that was about it as far as baby clothing went (you can probably see where this is going).  So we get to the South End and started the short walk to Flour where we were meeting the other mommies.  And it was chilly.  Like 10 degrees cooler than when we left the house.  Because Alice was strapped to me in the baby carrier, I knew she'd be pretty warm but if it got any colder we'd be screwed.  Across the street I saw salvation, though!  A baby clothing store!  Of course everything was boutique-ish and made in France and very expensive but we were in a bind.  I bought a cute peach colored long sleeve t-shirt for the bargain price of $24 and off we went.  First lesson of the day?  Bring warm clothes for your kid. 

Lunch at Flour was amazing.  I had a BLT, banana bread and an ice tea.  All were delicious.  And it was great to get together with the moms and their babies outside of our class.  I think I've found some friends!

On our walk back to the T, I felt so accomplished.  So confident!  We had managed a train and a bus ride.  I had breastfed Alice on the patio at the restaurant.  Alice maintained her cool during lunch and even flirted with baby Max.  We are getting the hang of this mommy-baby thing! 

As we took the train back to our 'hood, the skies started to darken and Alice began getting cranky.  We managed to make it to our stop before she had a major meltdown and we began our half mile walk home in a light sprinkling rain.  Of course that light sprinkling rain turned into a major downpour within seconds.  And we had no umbrella.  Second lesson of the day?  Pack an umbrella when the day starts off rainy!

As the rain splattered on Alice's head, I did some quick-thinking.  An then I had the brilliant idea of using her travel change pad as a cover!  So what if it had been on the changing table of the public bathroom at the Red Sox game?!  We were in a downpour!  I covered Alice's head and quickly rushed home, laughing at the mess I had gotten us into.  We made it home, safe and sound.  And surprisingly, Alice stayed relatively dry.  

Me?  Not so much.  Lesson(s) learned!      


  1. Glad you got out and met up with some other moms. It's fun to see other mom's and how they react and interact with their children. As for "not being prepared" like a good boy scout. You improvised! It all worked out. No damage was done. Take Care! xo

  2. I'm glad you were able to connect with other moms! I am always saying...oh I should have brought___ and my daughter is 3! I still haven't learned! I may just pack a box of supplies and leave it in the car!


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