Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Cocktails.

Hello Mojitos. I've missed you...

When I walked into the grocery store this morning I could practically smell this mint from across the produce department.  Instantly, I was reminded of Mojitos and summertime!  Since you know how much I love to buy local, I was so excited to see that this mint came from neighboring New Jersey!  The limes, though?  Mexico (wah, wah).  You can't win 'em all.

I will be attempting to make my own SkinnyGirl version of the Mojito using this recipe by cutting the amount of sugar in half.  We'll see if I still love them with just a fraction of the sweetness.

Any fun plans for the weekend?  What is your go-to summer cocktail?  The weather is supposed to be beautiful in Boston this weekend.  We'll be out in it, for sure.  As far as summer cocktails go, you can never go wrong with the Mojito, the Dark & Stormy, or an always refreshing Gin & Tonic.

Garmin stats: 4 miles/34-ish minutes + wall squats with a Pilates ring between thighs (one minute in squat position, followed by a minute of rest x 5)... it burns so good).  You are going to think I am crazy but I still haven't charged up my Garmin post-pregnancy.  You know why?  I tend to get a little competitive with myself and the miles-per-minute so, rather than focusing on how fast I am running, I am working on running by feel while I ease back into running after an almost nine-month hiatus.  Smart, right?


  1. My go to summer cocktail is Pimms & lemonade with strawberries and mint - refreshing. Fresh mint is so good :)

  2. Ah, garmin-free running! I went on my first run today and used the garmin, but I shouldn't have. The numbers were not motivating!


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