Friday, April 6, 2012

No Way!

Okay.  This is amazing and awful all at once.  My husband sent me an article featuring six recipes that include my beloved Cadbury Eggs.  Brownies.  Creme Brulee.  Cupcakes!  Fudge.  Even a do-it-yourself homemade Cadbury Egg.  Seriously!  Heaven. 

I'll admit that some of the recipes look a bit disgusting.  But I am sure they all taste divine.  Cabury Egg cocktail?!  Yes, please!

Would you make any of these recipes?  I totally would.  But I'd have to buy a bunch of extra Cadbury Eggs as I am sure I'd have to test-taste a few prior to making anything.  You know, to make sure they are fresh or up-to-par for the recipe or whatever.  :-)

And one other thing..... we bought a scale.  Yep.  It's time to face the pregnancy weight gain and focus on getting back into shape post-baby.  As soon as I put some batteries in the thing, I'll get on it to see what I've lost in the two weeks since Alice was born.  And I'll also blog about the hip and abdominal binding that I have been doing which, I swear, is totally working!  More to come.


  1. These look yummy. I love chocolate! But only in moderation... right?! That's the hard part.

  2. Yes, I will try those recipes. I love chocolate and brownies. I am not too much a fan of creme brulee! How did your sister like to live in Rio?

  3. I made the cadbury creme egg brownies while I was pregnant. They were very decadent. I do think that in normal, non-pregnant life, it is best to keep the brownies and the creme eggs separate.


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