Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Overheard Conversation.

So it was 28 degrees yesterday and I was all bundled up while out walking.  And today it is 58 degrees and I just got back from a walk in a t-shirt!  This time of the year is the best.  In case you were wondering (and I know all 3 of you who read my blog with any regularity are) ...still no baby.  But things are happening.  I think.  You see, I've never been through labor before.  Maybe I am imagining things happening!  Maybe I am not.  Only time will tell.  And there's that lack of patience issue rearing its ugly head again.  Sheesh. 

When I neared the end of my walk this afternoon, there was a dude sitting in his car waiting for his lady to come out of her apartment.  I noticed he was looking at me and sort of chuckling, then his woman-friend got in the car after taking a long, hard look at me, too (what am I, a circus freak?).  As she was shutting the car door I heard this:

Chick says:  Whoa.  That lady looks like she's wearing a fake pregnant belly.

Dude responds:  Totally!  I was going to say the same thing!

And then the car door shut and they drove off.  Um.  You guys.  Just because you are in the car with the door open doesn't mean I can't hear you!  I don't know whether or not to be offended by that comment.  I am going to pretend they were just talking about how fabulous I looked in my waist-rolled-down leggings and my stretched-to-the-limit maternity shirt and not my gigantic torpedo-shaped belly.  Ya.  I am sure that's what they meant.

And I made these granola bars today.  Of course I modified them, though.  I used half the amount of butter and I substituted raisins for chocolate chips.  You are probably thinking, But Briana, you HATE raisins in baked goods!  And you are right.  I do.  And this is no exception.  I had a lapse in judgement and thought I just might like those oooey gooey, nasty zombie grapes in the granola bars.  Um.  No.  But luckily my husband will eat them.

Note to self:  Do not substitute raisins for chocolate chips.  Even though you are 33 years old, you will pick them out like a 2 year old and not eat them.    


  1. Oh that made me laugh :)

    They probably just aren't used to seeing such fit and lovely pregnant ladies :) But I love the whole "In a car and blind/deaf to the world" mentality most people have.

    I was in a limo for the first time Saturday and you wouldn't believe how many people pick their noses when they can't see you staring at them!

  2. oh man, people are so unaware of what they say sometimes! Good luck with these final pre-mommy-hood days!


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