Friday, January 13, 2012

This looks familiar.

It's that time of year again.  My mom sent me another package of my beloved Sweet's Cinnamon Lips.  But this year, she couldn't find them in the grocery stores of Salt Lake City just yet (Valentine's Day is still a ways off).  So she went direct to the source and ordered a 5 POUND BAG from Sweet's Candy Company.  And they arrived last night just in time for me to grab a bagful and head into work for a 12-hour night shift.

And they were totally worth the 3AM heartburn.

Do you have seasonal candy favorites?  Totally.  Cinnamon lips in February.  And, of course, my obsession with Cadbury Eggs will start up again very soon.


  1. I've never tried those before but I have a feeling I would love them! I love those conversation hearts in February. They're not even THAT tasty but it's tradition!

  2. I can eat Cadbury mini eggs all year round! They are my absolute favourite!! I also love anything and everything SOUR!

  3. Its not really seasonal but i love fudge and tend to only eat it at christmas! Dont think ive ever tried cinnamon lips...

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. Cadbury everything is the best! I saw a recipe awhile back for Cadbury Cream Egg cupcakes - I'm a little over the trouble of cupcakes when there are so many places around and require so many minutes of butt-busting at the gym, but these were even topped with a tiny split-open cadbury egg! So cute!

  5. Never had cinnamon lips before.. but definitely love the cadbury eggs..


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