Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goodbye, my love!

('Till next year. Don't come back any smaller or else!)

I've given up the eggs.  Yes, it's true.  Me and the Cadbury eggs have parted ways.  I bet you're wondering... did something happen between you and Cadbury?  Did you get a 'bad egg'?  Nope.  No bad eggs (although I've had a few with hard fondants which is less than desirable).  I've just decided that my two-a-day egg habit was doing me NO GOOD.  I know what you're thinking... why can't I just enjoy those delicious gooey oval-shaped balls of goodness once in a while?  Um, hi.  Obviously you don't know me and you don't understand that when it comes to a kind of candy that I'm obsessed with, I have no will power.  But at least I am able to admit it, right?  Step one... admit you have a problem. 

I'm two days without the eggs.  Yesterday was easy.  I was too busy being in a funk to think about those eggs.  Today, though?  Today was rough.  I worked aaaaaaaaall daaaaaaay and there is nothing better than a sugar bomb brought to you by Cadbury in the middle of the day.  After lunch, I resisted.  And I made it.  No eggs here!  The hospital gift shop may just go out of business without my $2 daily egg purchase ($1 per egg = highway robbery). 

I just have to make it a few more weeks and then those eggs will be ancient history till next Easter.  And then I can begin my gorging all over again.

Do you have anything you've sworn off of because 'moderation' isn't in your vocabulary?  Um, yes.  Many, many things (all of which are legal).  One time I didn't eat candy FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!  Nothing.  Not one piece.  My sister and I dared each other to do it and whoever 'lost' had to pay the other $20.  We were students.  We were broke.  $20 bucks was big money back then.


  1. So you gave up the Cad Eggs for Lent?

    LOL! Good for you walking away from your addiction...

  2. I am so with you! Those things are addictive! -As always, if one is good, then two or three is definitely better, right? :)

    Neither my psuedo-nephew nor the boy I take care of had ever heard of Cadburry bunny eggs... unbelievable!

  3. Ruby Snap is a dangerous place that way! They always lures me in with their free cookie cards, but then I feel obligated to buy at least three more.
    Did you ever get to try the sweet potato maple walnut cookie? Next month is my favorite - it's a curry carrot cake cookie with coconut whipped cream. ...I think I gained 2lbs just thinking about it. It might just be worth making a trip back home :)

    I recently heard of Levain Bakery in New York City - they do quarter pound cookies! Anyway, I checked out their shipping prices just for fun - for 4 cookies - $59!! Sad face.


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