Monday, November 21, 2011

Three things.

Three things....
  1. I had an ultrasound today to check the position of my placenta (does anyone else find that word repulsive?).  My placenta has moved to a better spot.  And baby is great!
  2. Did you know Starbucks has to-stay mugs?  I generally do not drink their coffee (or support their company) but I was out running errands and it was freeeeeeezing so I stopped in to warm up with a warm drink.  And I got my gingerbread latte to stay.
  3. Nothing quite like a fresh manicure and pedicure to brighten your day.  And once you go shellac, you'll never go back.  
Have you tried shellac nail polish?  I got my first shellac manicure in Napa earlier this month and I was shocked at it's durability!  I am ridiculously hard on nail polish and will usually chip or smudge my manicure within 15 minutes of application.  I could bang a hammer on my shellac and it would stay looking brand new.  But, oh boy!  Is it spendy.

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