Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I miss.

This is what I miss.  Waking up to light, fluffy, and fluttery Utah powder and people itching to get up the canyon to play in it.  I haven't skiied much in the last few years because I was living in L.A., but when I was little, skiing is what we did on the weekends.  Every weekend.  Up to 60 times in a season!  I miss that.  

When we move back to Utah (notice I didn't say if), I am going to get my little family back into skiing.  Me.  Lee.  And our little girl.  I started skiing at the wee age of 3.  And I loved every minute of tearing down the slopes with my Mom and Dad.  I think it made me fearless and independent.  And it gave me an early appreciation of the great outdoors and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.  I think it's just what every little kid needs growing up.

What was the first sport or family activity you all did together as a kid?  Definitely skiing.  Before I could walk, my Dad would take me skiing with him in a baby backpack.  I am sure I loved the crisp, cold air on my chubby cheeks and the swooshing of my Dad's skis as he raced down the mountain.  And race, he did.  He was on a ski team as a young man and has never lost his love for speed.  Me, either.    


  1. Although I never miss Utah, I do miss the mountains and powdery snow. We had so much fun skiing there.

    We also hope our little one will enjoy skiing and hope to have him on skis at about 3 years old.

    My parents are not sports people at ALL, sadly, so I hope we can change that with our son.

  2. When was this?! This year has sucked so bad! But we're going to the bird tomorrow with my whole family and I can't wait! I love your plan and I think it's so great to ski with the fam! I can't wait to ski with you again! And btw I'm going to hang out with Rich Peterson tonight... how's that for memory lane.


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