Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday drive.

Today we went in search of fall foliage.  We thought about driving to Vermont, the East Coast mecca of leaf-peeping, but neither of us felt like spending six hours in the car for a there-and-back day trip.  So we went to an area near to where Lee often bikes on the weekends... a wildlife sanctuary near Natick, MA.  

The foliage is definitely just starting to turn in this area.  The yellows are out and the reds are starting to show but it will be at least a week before the leaves are truly at their peak.  It's okay.  We still saw some beautiful fall foliage.  And we enjoyed walking hand-in-hand down the quiet back roads as we talked about life.

On our drive back we stopped at a self-service farm stand with hundreds of perfect pumpkins for Halloween carving.  We didn't buy any pumpkins but we did get a bundle of beets that will be perfect for roasting.  I'd love to buy pumpkins but, aside from carving, I don't really know what to do with them!  Maybe next year we'll do some carving with our little one.  

Now we're settled in for the night, a delicious home-cooked dinner in our bellies, followed by a just-out-of-the-oven apple crisp for dessert.  I'll share photos and the recipe tomorrow.  

How was your Saturday?  In a word... perfect. 


  1. Hola, stopping by from Shades of Autumn linky... all your photos are awesome, love your post and the cooking! I just spent the last half hour taking a lovely stroll... I was reading your about me, so weird cause I'm canadian, moved to texas after to marry my hubby who I also met online and now we live in california.. no kids though just 2 dogs :)

  2. Beautiful! We get foliage here, but not as vibrant as new England does.

    We had great, cool but sunny weather here this weekend. I look forward to your apple crisp recipe so I can try it this week :)

  3. You have a really beautiful glow...I love it!You guys make a super cute couple. Your photos are lovely! Barefoot mama, TX

  4. beautiful job! i love them all... love saturday drives!


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