Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scratching my creative itch.

I don't know what's gotten into me.  I've got this itch.  This crafty itch that I can't seem to shake (maybe it's my crafty Mormon heritage breaking through).  I just want to make stuff!  And do stuff!  And create stuff!  The funny thing is, I don't know exactly what kind of crafty stuff I'd like to do.  I have thoughts of doing stuff with a glue gun and a sewing machine but I don't own either, which is a little problematic, I guess.   

I did take a creative leap and signed up for what I hope is an awesome 2-day class teaching the basics and the not-so-basics of Adobe Photoshop (to do: buy Adobe Photoshop before class).  With this new camera, I've reignited my desire to take photography more seriously.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking I'll be the next Annie Leibovitz, I just know that photography is something I enjoy and that I find so fulfilling that I'd like to pursue it in earnest.  This class will also be full of serious bloggers and photographers which I find ridiculously intimidating as I'm not really either of those (although I'd like to be).  I guess taking frightening leaps is what life is all about, though.

I think it's the upcoming fall season that brings out this creative itch in me.  Do you ever get the desire to be crafty?  I do.  All the time.  In fact, this same time last year I was all into making jewelry and I even bedazzled a few t-shirts with gold safety pins.  Surprisingly it all turned out pretty cute!

What was the last 'life leap' that you took?  I'm sort of a self-proclaimed recluse so me signing up for this class with 20 perfect strangers is definitely a leap.  Let's hope they like me!


  1. your photography class sounds so fun-- I bet you'll learn loads! I definitely get the crafty "itch" sometimes as well, although I'm ridiculously untalented-- usually I just end up rearranging all the furniture!

  2. This is too cool! See, this is art that you could enter in my stupid contest. ha ha. :) Sounds like you need no encouragement in getting in touch with your creative side though...awesome. Can't wait to watch your photography evolve.

  3. I was thinking f getting into photography too! I look at people's photos and am so amazed at things that they do!! I think you are going to have a lot of fun and you will learn so much! I'm a crafty person too. I love making things, especially for certain holidays! I always make my own costumes for Halloween and sometimes me and Dean get crafty for Christmas instead of going out and spending a lot of money!

  4. I want to take the class with you! Somedays all I want to do is create and yet I have no clue what! Photography is definitely becoming more and more an outlet for me too. I think I enjoy editing moreso than even photographing!

  5. Beautiful second shot!

    Come check out my pics of red when you get a chance:


  6. The bokeh in the second shot is amazing. I love your header too!

  7. I love that second shot! You're going to have a blast in your class. Just have fun with it and soak up as much knowledge as you can. :)
    Thanks for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. I hope you'll be back again on Friday when we move on to our new theme, purple! Have a great day.


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