Monday, August 8, 2011

Foodie tourists.

I love having guests in town... especially when it's my Jaimie and her brother.  They are the best.  Easy-going.  Low-maintenance.  Generally happy.  Love them.

We spent our day basically eating our way around Boston.  Lunch near Fenway.  Snacks on Charles Street.  Candy at the movies (saw 'Crazy, Stupid Love'... loved it!).  And dinner under the stars in the Back Bay.  What a wonderful day.  And we have another wonderful one planned for tomorrow.  Let's hope the rainy downpours won't be joining us again.

When you're a tourist, do you site-see or eat your way around the city?  I'll admit... I'm much more of a foodie tourist.  One of my favorite things about being on vacation is trying all the new food in the city we're exploring.  Oh wait.  I LIVE in Boston.  Shoot.  Well, I'm still being a foodie tourist. 

Non-Garmin stats:  Walk around the Reservoir = 4 miles.  And walking all over Boston.  I'm sure we burned the calories for at least ONE of our meals.  Hopefully! 

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  1. I just saw Crazy, Stupid Love too! It was SUCH a good movie! Way better than I thought it would be, for sure. I am totally a foodie tourist as well. Before I vacation I google the top rated restaurants and make a list. I make sure to look at the menu too so that I know exactly what to order when I get there. No wasting time for me!


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