Thursday, August 4, 2011

the BEST Farmers Market find.

(Homemade happiness.)

So I've been going to the Brookline Farmers Market for a few weeks now... and I always see tons of people lined up at this Trombetta's ice cream truck, patiently waiting to order their cones.  I didn't get the hype and I certainly wasn't about to stand in line just for an ice cream cone.  Well, today... that all changed.  After getting all my fruits/veggies/fish/cheese/etc., I had time to spare and the line was relatively short so I thought to myself, 'What the hell?  It's hot out.  I NEED ice cream.'

And then my life changed.  It's that good, you guys.

I had just plain ol' strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone.  Creamy, fresh strawberry flavor... not too sweet.  It was perfect.  And that big boy up there?  That's a small.  $3.25 of pure heaven in a cone.   

I kinda sorta wish I didn't know how good that ice cream is... because this farmer's market runs through October.  And I have very little will power for good ice cream.  You do the math.

What is your favorite full-fat ice cream (I'm not talking low fat fro-yo here)?  When I went to Santa Monica in March to visit my sister and my old stomping grounds, we stopped at Sweet Rose Creamery and I had probably the best ice cream of my life.  Salted caramel.  I still think about that damn cone.


  1. Dang you for posting about ice cream right now. So far my very favorite iced treat has been coconut gelato. Last week I also got a coconut bubble tea from a Vietnamese stand at our farmer's market...o my. It was ahhh-mazing.

  2. Wow! I heart ice-cream. That looks amazing! x

  3. One word... JEALOUS!! :) Looks tasty though...

  4. chocolate peanutbutter. hands down! that looks delicious!!! I want, I want! If I was there we'd go do the farmers market together!

  5. I'm not always the biggest ice cream fan, but I just got back from Hawaii where I discovered Lapperts. The ice cream was so creamy and rich that "one last cup" caused us to miss our flight home. Oops! The culprit? Coconut pineapple. Mmmm... And it made a final appearance on our extra last day!


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