Thursday, June 16, 2011

Locavore in Action.

Here's why today was great... no... AWESOME (wait for it..................)

I went on a run!

No joke.  I did.  Just a little guy.  A teeny-tiny 4 miler around the reservoir.  And it felt won-won-wonderful.  And no knee pain in site!  But I'm not pushing my luck.  I'm going to ease back into it.  Slow and steady.  And I'm going to continue doing yoga and Nike Training Club for cross-training (plus I'm seeing awesome results!).  It feels good to be back, you guys.

Today was also awesome because...........

It was the first day of the Brookline Farmer's Market! 

I am so happy to have found a Farmer's Market close to our house.  And it's a good one, too.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish, handmade goat cheese, local grass-fed beef, bread and baked goods from Clear Flour Bakery (crack!).  All good stuff.  When I got home I whipped up a delicious sandwich with the following delectable ingredients: fresh oatmeal bread (lightly toasted), herb & chive goat cheese, homemade pesto (made by Chef Lee), sliced tomatoes and cucumbers topped with crispy lettuce.  It was oh-so-good.  I love summer eats.  Tonight's dinner?  Sauteed fresh bay scallops (caught this morning in New Bedford, MA) on a bed of spring greens with a chive vinaigrette and a hunk of rosemary foccacia on the side.  And mojitos with fresh mint.  Get excited. 

What is your favorite summer meal (drink/cocktail included)?  I love big fresh salads with in-season vegetables topped with grilled fish or steak and a Dark & Stormy.  So good.

Garmin-stats:  4 miles/32-ish minutes.  Okay, so I didn't take my Garmin with me on my run today for two reasons... 1) The battery was totally dead and I was too impatient to wait for it to charge, and 2) I wanted to focus on how my body felt while running for the first time in A MONTH.  And it felt good.  When I got home I did some Nike Training Club... 'Butt Buster' and 'Back Definer.'  Aaaaaaawwww yeah.


  1. So happy for you! And totally jealous of your amazing Farmers Market find!
    I need to find a good one locally, but it seems hopeless..

  2. farmers markets are just heaven! they make me so happy!

  3. OH how I miss the Brookline farmers market!!! Ghhaa! Glad you found it!!!

    Way to go on that run!!


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