Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation activities.

Day Two Activities...
  • Waking up at 5 AM (without an alarm) and watching the sun come up over the canola fields.
  • Watching the Tour de France live while eating cereal and drinking coffee.
  • Leisurely reading the local paper and attempting the crossword (Sundays are the hardest).
  • Getting my hands dirty pulling weeds in my mother-in-law's garden (and enjoying every minute of it).
  • Catching up & enjoying the sun while sitting on the front porch (thanks, Catrina :-).
  • Sunday brunch! Eggs, pancakes, fresh berries, sausage, bacon (vacation eating at it's finest).
  • A delicious 2-hour afternoon nap.
  • BBQ with more family (including a dessert pizza that was out-of-this-world).
  • Zip-line, trampoline, wheat fields, and mosquitoes... oh my!
  • An evening sunset walk with Lee... which was rudely interrupted by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes.  These guys are no joke up here!
Is it like Thanksgiving dinner for mosquitoes when you're around?  Dude.  They loooooove me.  And with the wet spring/summer they've had up here, these blood-suckers are hungry!


  1. Mmmm Sunday brunch is the best! I love pancakes! I also love naps and have always wanted to try zip-lining!

    There are always mosquitoes around here too! I have only gotten one bite so far this summer so I've been pretty lucky!

    Love all the pics!

  2. That all sounds heavenly! Enjoy!

    Mosquitoes love me too.


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