Saturday, July 16, 2011


There is nowhere I'd rather be right now than in beautiful Alberta with my in-laws.  I so look forward to this annual trip that we do to visit with Lee's family.  The farmlands of Canada are spectacular at this time of the year.  The canola fields are the most bright and beautiful yellow you have ever seen.  And paired against a bluebird sky it is absolutely breathtaking.  It's an (amateur) photographer's dream.

Do you take an annual trip(s) that you can't wait for?  We do.  We take an annual trip to Napa to visit my dad and then this wonderful trip to visit my in-laws.  I guess that's the one upside of not having family live close... awesome vacations!

Non-Garmin stats: A run along farm roads with Lee. And then TRX with Lee. Yes, we're nerds. We bring our gym equipment with us on vacation.

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL! how's running in alberta???

    i still can't get over how close you live to jim's deli! meetup next time i'm in brighton for sure!



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