Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freckle Face!

I've always had freckles.  At least as long as I can remember.  I know I wasn't born with them but it wasn't too much later that they started popping up on my skin.  First just my nose.  Then my cheeks.  Then a few on my arms.  Then my knees. And then eventually everywhere (well, almost everywhere). 

As a kid, I hated my freckles (of course).  I got teased relentlessly for them.  Freckle face!  Leopard!  Spotty!  I've heard 'em all.  My mom used to tell me those boys teased me because they liked me.  I never saw it that way.  But you know what?  I grew to love them.  I realized they make me unique and they are fitting with my auburn hair.  I even think they make me look younger!  It took me years (decades, even) but I'm happy and proud to be a freckle face now.

What did you get teased about as a kid?  Mostly my freckles and red hair.  Boys can be so mean! 

Non-Garmin stats: Bike commute!  The sun off the Charles was glorious this morning.


  1. I love your freckles! My grandma used to tell me my freckles were the marks left behind when angels kissed me because I was a beautiful baby. I love that! I was so proud of them when she told me that, haha!

  2. I love your freckles too! I'm freckle-y as well and have grown to love them. I love the summer because they are more prominent!

  3. Your freckles are awesome! I got teased about being flat chested and having chicken legs. I could still be teased about being flat chested and I would love to have "chicken legs" now...

  4. Ah I am obsessed with your freckles! They are so gorgeous! I get a few in the summer time...wish they would stick around the whole year!

    I got made fun of for not looking Italian and not having an Italian last name. I tried to explain to kids that I was only HALF and that my dad was in fact Canadian but they just didn't get it. They would ask me why I was so white (italians generally have more of an olive "glow") and why mu last name didn't end in a vowel. Kids are nuts.


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